Using Third Party SNTs In Estate Planning

Party SNTs are those created for the benefit of a person with a disability that
makes that person an appropriate beneficiary of a SNT and are funded with
assets belonging to someone other than the SNT’s beneficiary.  The easiest
example of a Third Party SNT is where parents of a child with a disability
create, as part of their own estate plan, a SNT for the benefit of their child
and provide in their estate planning documents that the child’s share of the
inheritance is distributed to the SNT rather than to the child directly.

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This  article is excerpted from materials that Stuart Zimring will
present at 2010
Special Needs Trusts: The National Conference
on Oct. 21-22, 2010, at Don
CeSar Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. In its 12th year of teaching
excellence in the field of special needs trusts, the National Conference will
provide an in-depth review and discussion on both basic and advanced levels of
the major issues presented in the creation, administration, and monitoring of
special needs trusts. Stuart will also be presenting on Trustee Powers,
Standards and Duties.

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