Understanding a Contested Divorce

If you happen to apply for divorce within the state of Georgia you take the initial step down a road which can often be bumpy dependent on the people taking part as well as the dynamic which is present between them. There are lots of details which have to be decided upon whenever a couple might be divorcing, such as the division of property and other shared assets, and this can be contentious at times. Property and assets are usually one thing, however debt is another. Nearly all couples are going to have mutually assumed debt that you need to divide too. After this you really need to take into account the possibility of spousal support, and if you agree that it’s applicable, you will need to determine all of the particulars.


Besides the economic aspects of the terms, situations pursuant to any children also have to be attended to. The very first of these would be custody, and there are 2 different types of custody: physical as well as legal. Physical custody is rather self explanatory, dealing with a child’s primary place of residence. Legal custody will involve decision making on behalf of the children, on the subject of things like health care, spiritual affiliations along with which schools to attend. After this is decided visitation schedules will have to be worked out,  and naturally child support payments will likely be required.


As you can see, there are numerous issues which must be determined, and when the husband and wife are able to arrive at an arrangement on them all, the divorce moves on uncontested. However whenever they cannot, a contested divorce proceeding is the result, and this particular course could be expensive and time-consuming, plus it could also get ugly for want of a better word. A court would always prefer that the married couple get to conditions by themselves, particularly on the subject of any children, and throughout Georgia a legal court might direct the individuals to a 3rd party mediator before listening to the case in order to push the matter toward a voluntary resolution. Few if any of us will feel happy allowing the state to determine our fate as well as that of our own children, however this is just what takes place whenever a divorce proceeding is contested and no arrangement can be arrived at. 


For those who have questions or worries regarding a contested divorce proceeding, speak to a Atlanta divorce law firm to request a complimentary discussion. A good custody lawyer Atlanta GA can offer the assistance you may need with any aspect of a Atlanta GA divorce.

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