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Jeff Kohler and Eric Utley are the Trading Addicts. With over 30 years of combined trading experience, Jeff and Eric have created a unique approach to trading and an uncommon value with a subscription to Trading Addicts.

Eric hosts TA Day, and specializes in day trading the markets. With a set of proprietary indicators, and over a decade of experience in front of the screens, Eric finds action points ahead of the crowd in equities, commodities, currencies, and interest rates. He pushes clients to see beyond the status quo and utilitizes new techniques, strategies, and trading technologies.

Jeff hosts TA Live and manages the Trade Alerts portfolio. He’s an expert equity option trader. Jeff primarily trades options on individual stocks anywhere from a few days to several weeks. As a directional options trader, Jeff draws from a suite of propreitary technical indicators to identify extraordinary risk/reward situations in the marketplace adapting to ever-changing conditions.

By becoming a Trading Addicts member, you are in the hands of two seasoned veterans, and will become a part of an elite trading community. Jeff and Eric have a reputation for providng value and results, having already helped tens of thousands of individual investors become better traders. They can help you too.

Your new Trading Addicts subscription will not only elevate your trading to a whole new level, but you’ll be introduced to a new set of tools and analysis that few proprietary trading firms have access to. If you want to see how the pro’s are trading, look no further.

Aside from our daily webinars, we send a lot of content via e-mail. Our e-mail distribution list will keep you connected to us, if you cannot attend one of our live webinars.

You’ll also have access to archived videos and tutorials on various educational…

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