There are Lawyers Who Don’t Hate Their Lives


This is a site dedicated to poking fun at lawyers, and bitching about being lawyers. But just because someone can appreciate the shenanigans of this job, doesn’t mean we don’t like the job overall. Surprisingly, there are dozens of lawyers out there who actually enjoy life, like their job, and don’t want to burn down their law school for “tricking” them into this life.

But, fortunately or unfortunately, the complainers are louder. We all know them. Lawyers who hate their life. Lawyers who regret becoming lawyers. Who constantly complain about going to work, and who wish they could “do it all over again.”

This post is for those lawyers. It’s a reminder that nobody is keeping a gun to your head to keep billing hours. And, even if you did it all over again, you wouldn’t be a very good veterinarian anyway. So shut the hell up about it already.

Day Dreams Are Not Reality

When you’re up to your neck in deposition transcripts to review, the idea of a different career can sound nice. Wouldn’t it be fun to work outside? Or teach elementary school? Well guess what. Working outside all day would be miserable when it’s 100 degrees out. And kids? They’re the worst.

There is a difference between daydreaming and real life. In your day dream everything is rose colored. Like when you were a kid or unemployed college grad and thought being a lawyer would be fun. And look how that turned out.

There are some of us who thought through the decision to undertake bone-crushing amounts of debt. And those of us who chose our jobs for more than the earning potential.

Get Off Your Tush

If you truly hate what you’re doing, you need to do more than bitch and moan about it. You need to figure out why you’re unhappy and do something about us. Not for yourself, but so we don’t have to hear you complain.

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