The Special Needs Planning Guide: How to Prepare for Every Stage in Your Child’s Life

This book is a general guide for helping families plan for two generations (i.e., the financial planning needs of the primary caregiver and the person with disabilities). For some readers, it will relieve their anxieties about planning, and for others it will raise their awareness about the need to plan. Since every family’s specific situation is unique, the book is not intended to provide a specific formula for success. However, it bridges the gap between the ultimate vision a family has for their child and the financial realities of making these dreams come true. The structure of the book follows a chronological guideline of the critical transition periods that families face. The book also focuses on identifying and protecting government benefits as well as strategies to supplement government benefits. In addition to the basics of financial planning, the book includes family case studies; sample intent letters, checklists, forms, and other planning tools; a glossary of terms; and resources.

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