The New New Bitter Lawyer

If you are new to Bitter Lawyer or hadn’t noticed yet, we just completed the first part of a major website renovation over the weekend. We moved everything to a magazine format, as we had started to outgrow a simple blog with a list of posts (though you can still get those delivered in blog format here). Today, Bitter Lawyer has more than 2,300 posts, 13,262 comments, and hundreds of videos, comics, and illustrations. And we’ve done this all—at least since early 2011—for a few peanut MMs.

I wasn’t around when Sam and Aaron bought Bitter Lawyer on behalf of Lawyerist. But as Scott Greenfield explained then, Lawyerist apparently acquired the site for:

nine dollars (US), six peanut MMs, three marbles (including one aggie) and a coupon for a half price latte at Starbucks. If Aaron was a better negotiator, he could have kept four of the MMs for himself.

Maybe Scott was right about the wisdom of purchasing what was in 2011 a dead website. I don’t know. I joined Lawyerist shortly after the acquisition and was the editor of Bitter Lawyer for about a year, then took a break. I’m back again with a redesigned site, some new ideas, and a willingness to keep writing and creating. Despite being paid peanuts, it’s a huge challenge to write and edit content with the premise of delivering “legal humor.” But it is a lot of fun, and we’ll keep doing it until the fun runs out.

Though we have rolled out a new look, we still have a lot to do behind the scenes. You will probably notice gaffes here and there, missing images, or content that may seem misplaced or strangely organized. Suffice it to say that we hope to have all the final pieces in place by the end of this week, as well as new content rolling out about every other day, starting Monday morning.

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