The Long-Term Care (LTC) Commission issues final report, providing Congress with a detailed picture of challenges and potential

The Long-Term Care (LTC) Commission has issued its full report to Congress this week. The report provides a detailed overview of long-term care servicing and financing issues facing Americans.  With little time and in today’s politically charged environment, the 114-page document provides an in-depth assessment of challenges facing the current U.S. long-term care system and offers a broad array of potential solutions.

  • Elimination of Medicare’s three-night hospital inpatient requirement to qualify for post-acute coverage;
  • More public resources to speed development and implementation of LTC-specific health information technology;
  • Expansion of “No Wrong Door” programs, which are meant to ensure that individuals end up in the most appropriate care setting no matter where they enter the LTC system;
  • Creation of a national advisory committee to continue this work. The entire commission acknowledged that it faced enormous time constraints, and its report is not comprehensive enough to serve as a definitive blueprint for reform, so a national advisory committee should be created.

Those who are anticipating significant changes from the report findings or a recommendation for a new program to address long-term care may be disappointed.  Click here to access the commission’s complete recommendations.


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