The Engagement Ring Secrets– Save 20% to 90% on Your Diamond Engagement Ring

If a man is lucky, he meets the woman of his dreams AND he just happens to know a “friend of a friend” in the diamond industry who can get him a “deal” on a great ring. Maybe he wants to buy her a bigger ring than his budget can afford or maybe he’s on a tight budget but still wants to get her a great ring—either way, the “friend of a friend” can supposedly help him out, right?

Once the “friend” finds out the guy’s budget (let’s say $10,000), the “friend” will find an $8,000 ring marked up to $10,000—and then “discount it” to $9,000 so the guy thinks he’s getting a deal..

This “fake deal” is one of the very first things taught in jewelry sales training and 9 out of 10 buyers fall for it simply because they don’t know any better!

The Engagement Ring Secrets teaches you dozens of PROVEN TECHNIQUES that are both easy to understand and guaranteed to help you BEAT the Jewelry Store (at their very own game) so you Save AT LEAST 20% or More off ANY type of ring—or Your Money Back!

“Without a doubt the information you provide in your book will turn diamond novices into educated buyers and show them that they can get 5th Avenue quality for easily half the cost. I will certainly recommend your book to people searching for an engagement ring.”

“I had no idea I had so many options beyond the typical jewelry store. I followed your advice and saved the equivalent of a car on my engagement ring. I know I got a much better deal than my brother did on his wife’s ring.”

"The movie Blood Diamond convinced me that I didn’t want to…

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