Talking Past You Out of Going to Lawschool

Dear 16 year old me… College is just a gateway drug. You think it’s innocent fun at first, then the next thing you know you’re in law school. Blood shot eyes, pale skin, your family has cut you out of their lives, your only friends left will stab you in the back to get ahead… is that what you want?

We came across this video which is a compilation of folks trying to talk their 16 year-old selves out of going to law school… or even participating in activities that increase their risk of going to law school. We found the commentary at 2:15 of the video particularly accurate.

The video raises a lot of important questions:
Is going to law school a genetic or is it caused by environment? Can going to law school be prevented even if we did know it was coming? Is it better to know what really lies ahead, or is it better to enjoy the sweet bliss of ignorance? We will ever live in a world free from law school? Finally, how can we prevent law school from happening to the people we love?

Raising awareness of the law school condition is a critical first step. But we really need to make strides to seek out the true causes of going to law school so we can prevent future generations from suffering this plight.

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