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*The answer, according to the reviews is. YES!!! But please discover that for yourself by reading further.

HEDGE FUND TRADING SECRETS REVEALED…and The Rules to Trade, Love, and Live By……Everything you need to know to know to compete with…and beat the Big Boys…by veteran trader Robert “The Hawk” Dorfman A Pristine Publishing /Front list title
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How to make money online trading forex and eminis: Mutual fund managers will never tell about this!

You’ve probably never heard of the E-mini. Most folks haven’t. It’s the best-kept Insider Secret EVER…in the entire stock market! Now, anyone can trade from home and make $500 a day..in a couple of hours.

I’m happy to share with you the knowledge and experience I’ve gained…proof that anyone can learn to trade eminis and forex currencies.
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As far as equities have come, the debate between Fundamental and Technical Analysis has been evenly matched. With the likes of Warren Buffet leading the fundamental approach on one hand, and Turtle Traders showing us how they made billions looking at charts, it is arguable which approach to equities selection works better.
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Home – Stock Assault 2.0™ – Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

Simply let the software run in the background processing every stock symbol, pricing and historical charts using advanced artificial intelligence that an elite team of 25 day traders developed. This state-of-the-art software took 5 years and $3,000,000 to develop. After about a week, Stock Assault 2.0 will give you a stock pick. Then purchase that stock using your preferred broker and sell when the software tells you too. The software will continually monitor the pick it has chosen to find you the best exit which could be later that day or in a few days. That’s it! Take out your profit, usually 5% to 50% then reinvest your capital in the next stock pick.

We don’t believe in e-books, we believe in revolutionary technology that took years to develop and will reward you for years to come.Yes, we said it, literally work from home! We’re not lying. Are you tired of all the other work at home programs that sell you an "e-book" and then expect you to make "$10,000 per day working in your pajamas"? Yeah, it’s absurd. If that was possible everyone would be doing it, from your grandma to the homeless guy down the street. Why don’t they? Because you can’t, you just lose what you paid for the book and start all over. The only person that makes money is the seller. And what is an e-book anyway? Are they too cheap to print a real book or do they just know you’re going to fall for their game anyway so they don’t even bother. Even if any of these were slightly successful you would be dealing with customers that can never be satisfied, companies that can take away your money at any time and many other disappointments that will make you quit the first day. Down with PayPerClick, Dropshipping, Jerks, Rebate…