– Swing Trading with The Triquetra Trading Technique

The Stock Market has been, and continues to be, one of the most effective outlets for generating income and wealth. Yes, even after recent catastrophe we saw in the markets in 2008 and 2009, Investing and Trading remain the best methods of providing Unlimited Wealth Potential to the average person.

For example; if you work and make $50,000 per year that is your cap. Sure you can get raises and bonuses and promotions. But you will always be constrained by what someone pays you for your service.

Now, you could create a business and expand – franchise – grow and that would provide you with unlimited wealth potential. However, doing that requires a great deal of money and is out of reach for most people.

There is an another option for generating unlimited wealth; making money through active trading in the Stock Market. For a small investment ($500 to $1000) you can generate a consistent flow of money that will give you unlimited wealth potential.

I started with a small portfolio of $1500 and I used the triquetra trading technique to buy and sell stocks. I was not day trading, I was holding the stocks between 1 and 10 days which is called swing trading. I was averaging between 3% & 7% gains each week. I added those gains to my portfolio and reinvested them so I could buy more shares of stock.

After one year my $1500 turned into $6000+ and after 3 years I hit the $100,000 mark….. Once I accumulated that much money I knew the sky was the limit!.

I spend one hour per day, 5 days per week applying the triquetra trading technique to evaluate which stocks are ready to explode and return a profit for me.

After applying the technique and I find a stock ready to explode, I simply place a stock order through my online brokerage account and…

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