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“I specialize in trades, that open and close in a week or less. I don’t like to tie up money in long term trades. I like Quick 3% to 8% gains, and then I’m out of the trade…I follow over 650 stocks, ETF’s, so I always have two or 3 trades to work with per day.”

I do post a lot of longer term buys in my IRA Buys column. Nearly all return 40%, within 3 to 6 months.

When the risk is close to Zero on my charts, that’s when I post why the risk is close to zero, and when you should BUY.

WINNERS I started out trading full time + overtime around 13 years ago. Since then, I have developed into a really good trader. I use lots of checks and balances.

I have a lot of successful short sells in my trading record, because I know the stocks target price!

The Daily Picks are great!– Every detail you need to know is posted in the Member’s Lounge site. Overall trading record

Update JAN 06: 21W-4BE-3L Update JAN 07: 35W-6BE-3L Update NOV 07: 45W-5BE-5L Update DEC 07: 42 W-4 BE-4 L Update JAN 08 37 W-3BE- 5 L Update FEB 08 48 W -5BE-6 L update MAR 08 38 W-4BE- 4 L Update APR 08 44W -4BE- 5 L Update MAY 09 39W – 3BE- 3L Update JUN 09 37W – 5BE- 4L UPDATE 2010 437W – 62BE – 48L

8 sites on the internet post 70% or more winning trades per 100 trades. MAY 2010 +3% APR 2010 +4% MAR 2010 +9% FEB 2010 +4% JAN 2010 +10% —–

Since all of the product material is located on the internet at, all you need is an internet connection and a link. This will get you to all of the daily Material. If you lose any link, GOOGLE zstock, or go to the zstock DISQUS page link and…

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