Reverse Swing: Trading Strategy for Intraday and Short term Traders

www.TwoNaHalf.cOm is a Technical Analysis Website for Stocks listed on the Indian Stock Market. We Technically Analyze ALL stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE – as it is called!) We provide Technical Filters and advanced technical charts for ALL stocks listed on the NSE.

Have you ever tried the following to take a trade? – Breaking News – "Hot" Tips – News Letters – Automated software signals – Promising Trading Strategy e-Books – The "I Feel" Syndrome (Gut feel)

By now you are already wondering what the charge is going to be. Believe me, for a money making monster like this, choosing a price is a funny thing! So… Let’s just keep it at this, Any price I put on it… is an Insult… to you… and to me.

So, as this draws to a close. Let us quickly recap what this page says! "We are offering a successful PROVEN trading strategy in the form of an e-Book. The Reverse-Swing Trading Strategy(RSTS) is a combination of 3 simple tools and 1 secret pattern, which keeps repeating in ALL markets, across the globe and across asset class. The RSTS is a simple chart pattern useful to identify Major Trend Reversals in Real Time! The RSTS has been documented in the e-Book in full details. The 3 simple tools of trading are also documented in the e-Book in full details. The RSTS e-Book is a Step-By-Step guide into the "Secret" pattern. The pattern is explained in full details with the help of real market charts. Once purchased, the RSTS e-Book will be delivered in the form of a .PDF file, which will be mailed across to your e-mail address, after receipt of payment." The RSTS e-Book is sold at a ONE TIME payment of $50/- Only.

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