Realistic Alumni Notes

Image from alumni notes portion of magazineArlon Jamison (’88) of Preston, Iowa, was recently recognized by United Health Group for reducing his total cholesterol level to 186, down from a previous level of 227.

Gretchen Cumberland (’99) of Austin, Tex., was recently listed on TED as one of more than nine million people who had watched Dan Gilbert’s “The Surprising Science of Happiness.” It is her eighth such listing on the TED website since 2010.

Amber Chastain (’04) of Belmont, Mass., was approved recently by the Federal Trade Commission for her telephone listing on the agency’s “Do Not Call” registry.

Lisa Stuart (’03) of Chevy Chase, Md., left Bally Fitness in June after being a member for six years. She now exercises at the Midtown YWCA.

Arlon C. Chester (’79) of New York, NY, recently published a review of a DeWalt table saw on It is his sixth publication on the site, four of which have been considered helpful.

Stanley Goult (’58) of Denver, Colo., writes that he has removed a red wine stain from his living room carpet.

Alison Marburg (’11) of Tucson, Ariz., recently landed an informational interview at New York’s Arbuckle Jones Riley. It will be her eighth such interview in the last nine months.

Kylie Pearson (’88) of San Jose, Calif., was appointed in August to oversee household budgeting duties. Previously she had been in charge of laundry, day-to-day maintenance, and child-rearing.

Jackson Tibbett (’98) of Bozeman, Mont., was recently promoted by Delta Airlines to Silver Medallion status. He writes that he now qualifies for waived baggage fees, among other benefits.

Jonas Smith (’08) of St. Louis, Mo., was awarded a student loan consolidation by Sallie Mae. He begins making newly adjusted monthly payments in January.

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