Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials (Book with Software)

  • Living Trusts, including an AB Trust
  • Health Care Directive: Living Will
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Final arrangements document

Nearly 60 percent of Americans lack a legal will – and Quicken WillMaker: Estate Planning Essentials is the simple estate-planning solution they need! Step by step, it provides readers with a straightforward path through the complexities of ensuring their families’ futures. Best of all, your readers will not only understand wills, living trusts and financial powers of attorney – they’ll also create them, quickly and easily. The interactive CD-ROM helps them to make their own: legal wills; living trusts; living wills; health care powers of attorney; financial powers of attorney; final arrangements documents and forms for executors. Plus, Quicken WillMaker provides other financial and legal documents that help protect their families and property, such as authorizations, agreements and promissory notes – over 50 forms in all. What’s new? The 5th edition is completely updated to provide the latest state and federal laws, and all documents are revised to reflect each state’s specifications. In addition, Quicken WillMaker now makes it much easier to arrange for pet care – and much more. Many companies publish books about estate planning, but Nolo is the only publisher to provide a complete solution to your readers’ needs! Good in every state except Louisiana.

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