Protect Your Social Security Number

“Everybody has a Social Security number to which every bit of information about a person is tied. All someone has to do is type an SSN into an SSN search site and the subject’s bank account number, residence, phone number and other details such dental or criminal records are revealed. While this information is relevant if the one inquiring about you is out to prove your reliability, the danger is when somebody plans to steal your identity through an SSN search. Below are tips so that you can avoid this situation:

Nowadays, just about everyone wants your Social Security number – phone companies, video stores, health clubs, etc. It can be someone who wants to know your credit rating, then find out whether you pay your bills or not. Some use your name and address changes to keep track of you.

Some companies use social security numbers of people and make them part of their marketing list. This will serve as their leads. These numbers make the marketing list more important to them.

The higher the number of persons who see your SSN, the more vulnerable you are to identity theft, that is, somebody posing as you by using your name and credit rating to embezzle money.

Today, many Americans have been victimized by this crime. These costs are eventually passed on to consumers.

There are certain business establishments who ask for your SSN but there are certain agencies that really demand for it. Tax departments, welfare departments or motor vehicle departments are some of these agencies that demand your SSN. Transactions that involve taxes like banks, brokerages, employers and the like have a legitimate need for your Social Security number. You must remember that most other businesses don’t have the legal right to demand your social security number. But remember that you have the right to say no to these businesses. Offer to provide them an alternative identification card. If they insist, then refrain from doing any business with them. Remember, it’s also possible that they would refuse to provide the product or service that you are seeking.

Chances are, a good number of companies that routinely ask for an SSN will agree to do business with you even if you refrain from providing them the number. These companies may ask for a Social Security number to open an account but the information is not required. It is just part of the record of the customer.

There are other businesses establishments that follow certain standards if consumers refuse to disclose their social security number. They ask them to fill out a questionnaire to find out their payment history. Doing this; they won’t have to do credit checks. They will only count on the person’s words.”

There remain legitimate reasons for SSN checks. If you must run one, start with a social security name search. If you just need basic details about the person such as telephone numbers or addresses, a free ssn search should be enough. But for more in-depth information, you may have to upgrade to a paid service.

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