Poetic Justice: Bar Exam Takers


Over the next six weeks we will be featuring our favorite selections from the book Poetic Justice: Legal Humor in Verse by JD Dupuy and ML Philpott. Today’s selection is for those taking the bar exam next week.

Bar Exam: A Mental Conversation with Fate

And now, the greatest test of all,
The big event – no time to stall,
My future lies in one exam,
OH GOD, I need more time to cram.

Inhale. Exhale. One breath at a time.
You’ve studied hard – you’ll be just fine.

My heart is beating in my ears,
I’m going to need a new career,
There’s no way I’ve done enough.
It’s not my fault! There’s just so much!

You know it all, inside and out,
It’s go-time now, forget your doubt.

Multistate. Essays. Woe unto me.
(At least I passed the MPRE.)
Fear hits me like a tsunami.
I’m blacking out! I want my mommy!

Go ahead and hit the floor.
When you come to, here’s what’s in store:
Somehow you’ll pass (your score will do),
Like plenty of morons who came before you.

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