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After only three days, I was up over 30% with a $600 profit. This is an incredible investment site with remarkable and very personal service. I really like being text with buy/sell alerts. You will not find a service that matches this for such an incredibly low price.

OMG! I joined a week ago today. I’m up $1,200. Finally, someone tells it like it is. You call it…and post it for all to see. YOU’RE AWESOME! Go buy something fun, I’ll pay for it on the installment plan over the next 10 years! offers an unbiased premium newsletter committed to producing the highest-quality insight and analysis of penny stocks, emerging technology stocks, small cap stocks and helping investors make informed decisions. Our focus is primarily on the underserved OTC stocks market, or penny stock market, which has traditionally been shunned by Wall Street. We have substantial experience with penny stocks, renewable energy stocks, biotech stocks, oil stocks, green energy stocks, apple stock and internet stocks. We believe there are many hot penny stock opportunities present in the OTC market everyday and we seek to alert our members to these penny stocks before the average daytrader is aware of them. If you want more than information on the stock market today, be sure to try out forex trading, dividend stocks and a good stock screener for quality stock picks.

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