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I wish I had held this even longer! I had $6,000.00 invested and I dumped all the shares when I was over 50%. Thats $3,250.00 profit! I actually bought back in this morning at $0.09 with $3,125.00 and I netted an additional $2,284.00. I nearly doubled my original $6,000.00 investment.

I have to admit I was very skeptical at first and getting a membership with you wasn’t even an option. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made. You probably already know this but you are changing my life. Thank you for that. My family thanks you for that.

Thanks James for these last two picks they were a great blessing! I made 23% on the first one and 53% on the second pick. The first pick I was not a member yet but it sold me on your system. I am really excited and wanted to say Thank You!

That was a good run. I got out on top today at 14 cents and basically doubled my money. I’m ready for the next one! Thanks!

Thank you for the FRHV pick!! Since Friday I’ve made a gain of over 200%!!! Please keep the picks coming and I will be right there buying along side of ya!!! Just wanted to give thanks!

Cashed out yesterday at $0.12 after purchasing it at $0.07. Not bad. Thanks!!!!!! Made nearly $350 bucks!

Congratulations on delivering another winner! $0.08 to $0.12 is good enough for me! Keep up the good work.

Awesome pick. Got out at the perfect time with a healthy 53.5% profit. I was curious if you know when you might be looking into your next pick. Thanks for such an awesome program!!!!

It’s obvious you’re a damn good man. Keep working your ass off for us wannabees and our accounts will grow. Mine has!!!

Thanks for LYJN. I bought @ $0.0235 on Friday and sold today at $0.035. Our long…

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