Passive Income

Note – Read the story below while the movie loads to learn how I got out of prison, and how you can gain the freedom you want in your own life with a passive income. When the music starts, feel free to scroll back up and watch it!

"An amazing aspect of earning a passive residual income is that this opportunity is open to practically anyone. The process of deciding what to offer the world takes one on a journey of self-discovery–What knowledge can I share that would be of value to others? If you decide to write a book about your area of expertise, no longer are you limited by the whims of publishers.

"My life is so different now then it was before. It was like getting rid of a huge load of stress that burdened me for so long.

For 3 1/2 years, I ran a warehousing business… I was not building a passive income at the time and I did not have the time to manage the vision of my business because I was spending so much time running the day to operations (purchasing products, shipping, employees, etc.) Although we generated revenues of close to 1/2 million in 2003, our costs were excessive and we were not profitable, despite the stress and all of the long hours I put in. Eventually, I sold the warehousing portion of the business and went strictly to 100% drop ship, meaning that other suppliers of mine did all of the shipping and would only charge me for the products purchased and shipped. This was the smartest move I could have made. I am an internet marketing guy, not a warehouse manager. So, basically, I continued doing the same thing, only I eliminated my responsibilities at running a warehouse and now spend approximately 1-2 hours/day…

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