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Do you want to double your money in short term not matter in bear or bull market? Option trading is the best method to generate big profits. My nick name is Stock Fortune Teller. This web site is my "Option Picks" membership service to post scientific calculated high profit option picks that are 100% or more profitable in one to two months, or sometimes in days. I am an expert stock chart pattern analyst and I know the secrets of how to find potential high profit option picks and how to calculate exactly where are the smart entry price and target price.

Successful Option Trading: WYNN 1,200% profit in 1 day SIGM 4,400% profit in 30 days MBI 738% profit in 37 days AMR 300% profit in 3 days UAUA 1,167% profit in 22 days WNR 1,042% profit in 11 days RIG 773% profit in 2 days ESI 408% profit in 3 days AGU 930% profit in 3 days SIGM 930% profit in 5 days SYNA 233% profit in 3 days

Recent Option Picks: 2011-6-12 VIX Potential 257% Profit 2011-6-12 ARUN Potential 135% Profit 2011-6-12 HMSY Potential 151% Profit 2011-6-12 EXXI Potential 292% Profit 2011-6-12 IL Potential 185% Profit 2011-6-12 ABH Potential 311% Profit 2011-6-5 HMIN Potential 361% Profit 2011-6-5 CSC Potential 257% Profit 2011-6-5 GBX Potential 246% Profit 2011-5-27 GLW Potential 252% Profit 2011-5-27 TIF Potential 852% Profit 2011-5-27 BRY Potential 214% Profit 2011-5-22 HNZ Potential 180% Profit 2011-5-22 LTD Potential 268% Profit 2011-5-22 ZLC Potential 775% Profit

* Trading of securities also involves a risk of loss to you investment. Trading made in the future may not be profitable or equal to the performance of the securities in this list.

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