No BS Penny Investor

Do you cringe when your portfolio statements arrive? Are you frustrated watching Wall Street banks growing richer at your expense? Would you like to follow the strategies of the Wall Street elite so you, too, can enjoy higher returns with less risk?

If you’ve been struggling with a portfolio that is barely keeping up, this is your wake-up call. Most people just continue to "ride it out" but that is a huge mistake! You see, to really live the American dream and work the market like the pros, you need to understand that traditional investment recommendations don’t work. The major players on Wall Street have perfected the art of screwing over the individual investor. You see, scamming the average investor is how the big Wall Street firms make their money to furnish their lavish lifestyles. They are selling when you are buying. While the talking heads on TV are telling you to buy buy buy, the insiders are actually selling their holdings. You can’t rely on earnings reports or analyst recommendations anymore. Its time to take back control of your financial destiny and use their strategies against them.

How do I know what works? My name is David Cohne. I am the President of Cohne Investment Group and the Editor-in-Chief of Wealth Strategies Magazine. I have spent the last 10 years and countless hours studying the formulas that transform ordinary portfolios into extraordinary ones.

If your results haven’t been stellar up to now, it’s not your fault. Most advisors manage portfolios all wrong. Either they use "gut" feelings or they follow formulas that simply don’t work. Through my study, I back-tested countless models until I found the strategies that work.

In the No B.S. Stock Investment Newsletter, I implement proprietary formulas that I have discovered over ten years of research…

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