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LIVING TRUST BUILDER. Included Documents: Organizing Your Estate. If you’re single and have assets over 0,000, or combined assets of ,200,000 if you’re married (or have parents or grandparents who fit into this category), you need a living trust. Without one, you’ll be giving hundreds of thousands to the government when you die, rather than passing your hard-earned assets on to your heirs.LivingTrustBuilder gives you the mechanisms and sound planning advice that can save you from paying estate taxes, gift taxes.Probate, Estate Taxes, Incompetence. Other Bad Things. Guardianship for Minor Children. How Does a Living Trust Differ From a Will. What Are the Benefits of a Living Trust. Information Collection Form. Net Estate Worksheet. Components of Your Trust. Single Persons Trust. Married Trusts. Childrens Trusts. Pour-Over Wills. Powers of Attorney. Assignment Deed of Trust. Quitclaim Deed. Transfer of Assets Letter. After Death Checklist. Amendment to Trust. Revocation of Trust. Directive to Physicians (Living Will). Advanced Estate and Business Planning. Qualifed Domestic Trust (QDOT). Insurance Trusts. Family Limited Partnership. General Partnership Agreement. Corporate Buy-Sell Agreement. and More. he important thing is to do something now. Get a complete living trust in place because it can really pay off when you need it most. –John Barrus, Attorney, Christensen, Bacigalupi. Barrus, Fresno, CA. 602 Pro PC Suite: This free, fast, compatible alternative to Microsoft(R) Office has it all! Four full-featured applications: a word processor, spreadsheet, photo editor, and photo organizer. Add effects to your text, quickly make graphs, retouch photos, and more! Best of all it’s fully compatible with Word and Excel formats to open these templates in Windows(R). (602 Pro PC Suite 2001 is freeware.). System Requirements for Windows. Windows XP/Me/2K/NT/98/95.

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