My take on D-Day as an Elder Law Attorney

My take on D-Day, as an elder law attorney. I studied this day in history, I watched the movies about it. But until you shake the hand and look into the eyes of a man that was there, that those eyes saw buddies he was just sitting beside on a boat mutilated, you really don’t appreciate what they went through. Almost without fail, they will not talk about it. I have gotten a few comments out of a few of my clients, but not many. I never served in our military and that is one of numerous regrets. I know our guys now are going through some ugly stuff now. There is something special about these VERY brave men that walked off that boat into water and then onto a beach with tremendous amount of death and destruction going on around them. If you know one, please shake his hand and say thank you on any day, but particularly on this day.

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