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Mining Stocks Investor Guide was created to illustrate the essentials required of an investor interested in the mining industry and to establish a due diligence framework (guide) for investor’s to build on. The concept of the book began in 2006 and was "officially" launched in February 2008 with our First Edition. Since then we have launched numerous updates of the book to our readers and are excited about the ongoing developments.

The response we have received from our readers over the past few years has been phenomenal and we hope to deliver some bigger and better features for them as this rush on metals continues. Click Here to find out what some of them had to say about Mining Stocks Guide.

As we pointed out in our last post on how to understand drill (assay) results it is not an easy task for the non-geologist to understand drill results of companies exploring for gold, silver, copper or other metals.

James’s post on Understanding drill results was highlighted today on Stockhouse as the top blog post of the day. Nice Work!

Many investors often struggle when investing in gold or silver stocks on how to understand drill (assay) results.

News releases and technical reports are usually filled with geotechnical jargon that confuse the average investor. I am here to tell you

If you watched the video we did last month called how to uncover area plays for big gains you know that the company we identified as an area play to Richfield Ventures (RVC.V) was Troymet Exploration (TYE.V)

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