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This is BY FAR the biggest find I have ever scored as a penny stock picker or whatever you want to call me…

These Penny Pump Finder picks are for paid members only…sorry but this isn’t another pump and dump newsletter. The next "PPF" pick may be released within days or hours of right now. The longer you wait—the more you risk missing out on the next stock that could run 3,000% like the one above.

*Here’s how it works: Very few penny stocks that are "pumped" aka promoted actually go up in price. This is a strategy that finds those diamond in the rough stocks…while avoiding the big losers…that can make you a massive–massive amount of profits in days or weeks.

If you would have just invested $250 in the stock above…you would now have $7500 if you sold just a few days afterwards.

Penny Pump Finder picks alone are worth the measly 49 smackers (monthly) it costs to join MicrocapMillionaires.com

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This is your opportunity to join this small group of "rookie traders" and start raking in the big bucks…I will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to get started…even if you’ve NEVER traded stocks before.

From the desk of Matt Morris, Tuesday, 8:48 p.m. Join Now Dear Friend, I guess I am doing this wrong? I am not going to beat you over the head with a stick (figuratively, of course) until you join my stock picking newsletter. Well…seriously…doesn’t it seem like most paid subscription newsletters make it seem like you are mentally handicapped if you don’t want to give them your hard earned money…

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