Medical Malpractice – Generally

A professional medical malpractice legal action is usually a case which looks at the behaviour of a professional in their area of expertise. Actions for medical malpractice will be based on Georgia law to incorporate any claim for damages resulting from the death of or injury to anyone arising out of the following:

1.Health, medical, dental or surgical service, diagnosis, prescription, treatment, or care delivered by a person qualified by law to perform these kinds of service or by anyone operating under the guidance and control of the lawfully authorized person; or

2.Treatment or service rendered by any public or private medical center, nursing home, clinic, hospital authority, facility or establishment or by an officer, agent or member of staff thereof operating inside the range of their employment.

Anyone practicing or administering medicine should give the exercise of his/her profession that amount of attention and expertise usually expected of other professionals in like and comparable situations. Any kind of injury resulting to an individual from a lack of this kind of care and expertise will be a tort (a private or civil wrong or injury as opposed to a breach of contract) for which recovery may be had. Put simply, if the health care rendered by a physician or any other medical professional drops beneath the necessary standard and you might be injured as a result, you could have a case for medical malpractice.

Get hold of an excellent injury attorney that has a history of success in representing individuals that have been victims of medical malpractice. In addition, a talented lawyer will probably deal with a network of specialists who can review your case to decide if medical mistakes occurred. Therefore, if you or somebody has been injured because of medical malpractice, speak to a qualified accidental injury attorney for a free preliminary consultation to find out about submitting a claim.

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