Man Attempts Solo Bayonet Charge Against Police


KDKA Pittsburgh reports that Edward Gorinski attacked two Pennsylvania State Police Officers with a World War II bayonet. This story has raised a number of important questions. First, is it possible this guy is actually from the 1940s having been transported by some mystical force we know nothing about a la Kate Leopold. Maybe he didn’t time travel. Maybe he was in the Battle of Carentan and has just been on the longest running bayonet charge in history. Either way, he was probably pretty surprised when the officers used their “lightning machine” to take him down.

Finally, of all the WWII weaponry he had to choose from, I feel like he could have done a little better than a bayonet.

(photo: St. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – JAN 20: Participants of historical reenactment of breaking the siege of Leningrad (18.01.1943) on January 20, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia from Shutterstock)

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