Lawyers’ Use of Drones: Past, Present, & Future

1879: E.S. Drone, A Treatise on the Law of Property in Intellectual Productions in Great Britain and the United States

1958: The Levys discovered water in their cellar and called in a plumber named Van Drone

1965: People of the State of New York v. Milton Drone

1971: Under these circumstances, the wife should be encouraged to continue to be self-supporting rather than becoming an alimony drone.

1973: Oh, God. It’s Kingsfield. He’s droning on and on about contracts again.

1980: WHEREAS, Arthur Drone conveyed the strip of land in question to Dale and Charlene Garvey

1994: I don’t know. Give it to the drones in compliance. That’ll keep them busy.

1999: Geez, it’s just sometimes I feel like a drone. Like I just come to work, push around some papers, bill, and go home. Did I really go to law school for this?

2004: Predator drone. Huh. Sounds kinda cool. Can you get one on Amazon?

2007: Don’t drone me, bro. Seriously.

2009: I don’t care, just get more temps. It’s doc review, not rocket science. Drone work, if you ask me.

2010: Drone? What kind of drone are you talking about?

2011: I’m trying to get my head around this concept of drones.

2012: Interesting. And how exactly does one get “put in fear of being drone attacked.”

2013: We gotta get one of these drones.

2014: Robert, look into whether it’s legal to own a drone. Draft up a memo to the file.

2015: MEMO RE: Flight pattern and use of drones in a law-practice and marketing context, under FAA specifications

2016: Oh, how cute. A drone just served us with a summary judgment motion.

2017: That? Oh, it’s a lobby drone. It’s still a work in progress. Did you read our disclaimer?

2018: Who the hell used the Westlaw drone? For Chrissake, people, he charges by the nanosecond.

2019: Umm, the drones from Skadden McKenzie are here. What should I tell them?

2020: Which drone is here to testify on behalf of the corporation?

2021: I don’t know. Give it to one of the drones in compliance. They’ll have an answer within a . . . oh, hi, umm, you must be one of the drones in compliance.

2022: Mr. and Ms. Canfield, the Case Traurig Family Law Drone is now ready to represent you. Please look into its portal.

2023: I am not a drone, per se. But, yes, our discussions and the reading of your mind and data is confidential, privileged if I may say.

2024: Third Annual Proceedings of the Global Sentient Life Bar Association

2025: Yes, about calling us drones. We are not.

2026: The Sentient Drone Rights Act of 2026

2027: Drone vs. People

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