Inflation – Hyperinflation – Hedge – Hedging

Where your hard-earned $1,000 placed in a safe-deposit box "mysteriously" became $800, then $600, then $400–and finally disappeared altogether?

What if you were forced by the government to bank your money where a "secret thief" could sneak in every night?

This "secret thief" would start by stealing a little of your money, then a little more, then more and more as he became increasingly bold–and you became increasingly broke!

Before too long, your savings would be reduced to almost nothing–leaving you too poor to pay your mortgage, buy a car, or send your kids to school.

You see, I’m one of those very rare birds in American education—a conservative college professor. I teach Critical Thinking at a well-known school in Los Angeles, California. (I’m choosing to remain anonymous here, for reasons you can probably guess. But you can call me "Patrick Harris.")

From the very start of the 2008 election, my fellow liberal professors HATED George Bush and LOVED Barack Obama. One day I pulled into the faculty parking lot and realized I was driving the only car WITHOUT one of those psychedelic “HOPE” bumper stickers.

If “Critical Thinking” means anything, it means looking at the facts and thinking for yourself.

And when I started to think about what Barack Obama was doing to the American economy, I got very scared.

Obama’s 2009 budget shortfall will be larger than all budget deficits from 2002 through 2007 combined.

It had piled on lots of debt after World War I — and bickering, ineffective politicians couldn’t get the ballooning national deficits under control.

When, with a sinking heart, I began to sense the enormity of the problem Obama was getting the country into, I determined that I would use whatever means necessary to protect my modest assets from the coming government inflation grab.

My first step…

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