If Smuggling Were Snuggling at the Law Library

Outlaws Inc.: Under the Radar and on the Black Market with the World’s Most Dangerous Snugglers

Duty Free: Snuggling Made Easy

The Snugglers: An Investigation into the World of the Contemporary Snuggler

The Compleat Snuggler: A Book about Snuggling in England, America and Elsewhere, Past and Present

Snuggling Armageddon: The Nuclear Black Market in the Former Soviet Union and Europe

INS ‘Global Reach’ Initiative Counters Rise of International Migrant Snuggling

Jurisdiction in Marginal Seas, With Special Reference to Snuggling

Forbidden Creatures: Inside the World of Animal Snuggling

Alien Snuggling: Management and Operational Improvements Needed to Address a Growing Problem

Snuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America

Honest Thieves: The Violent Heyday of English Snuggling

Contraband: Stories of Snuggling the World Over

The Witch of Merthyn: A Tale of Snuggling in the Time of Scarlet Capes and the Red Tricorne

Galapagos Bound! Snuggling in the Tuna Fleet

Defrauding the Government: True Tales of Snuggling, from the Notebook of a Confidential Agent of the United States

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