How To Trade For A Living – Secrets Completely Revealed

The theory behind the system is that, there is a rotational, repeating cycle in the movement of the market prices. This is much like that of the waves of the ocean, where the waves react in relation to the invisible undercurrents of the ocean. These cycles keep repeating itself again and again with a time frame of not longer than 2 months for each cycle (from experience). The reason that such a phenomenon happens and repeats itself is due to the nature of human behaviour. All through time, people have basically acted and reacted the same way in the market as a result of: Greed, Fear, Ignorance, and Hope Markets can change, but human nature has stayed the same for centuries. Take a sneak peek at the NBC Trading System Model,

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Your book is carefully planned out and written. It has showed your sincerity and responsibility as a person who teach people to earn a living. I like your attitude. The terms and methods are well explained and illustrated. You have covered all the aspects from methodology, mental preparation, daily records etc. So, it is all up to the readers who want to follow your trading methods. ~ Lim K.F., a fellow trader.

I have been reading through your trading system. Congratulations on putting together a full trading plan. It is very thorough. From reading it Van Tharp’s material seems to be a big influence on your approach. I also find it very good and have improved my trading immensely since reading. Thanks for your prompt and indepth reply to my queries. The answers help to clarify the system for me. I look forward to testing it…

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