How to Protect Elders from Harm (Oceana’s Legal Almanacs: Law for the Layperson)

As an increasing percentage of our population moves into their elder years, there is a growing concern about elder care issues. What constitutes maltreatment? What laws are in place to protect elders from danger? When should a lawsuit be considered? These are just as few of the questions James T. O’Reilly addresses in this publication.

The author presents a number of real-life scenarios and offers expert advice on how to prevent harmful situations as well as how to take appropriate legal action if necessary. O’Reilly explores each situation in detail so readers can make informed decisions to maximize the responsiveness of each option. Topics covered include understanding the risks to the safety of elders, how the government protects elders against risk, medication issues for elders and abuse and assault.

How to Protect Elders from Harm is a must-have resource for anyone interest in learning more about protecting elders from insufficient care or maltreatment.

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