How to Circumvent the Eviction Process

The two biggest issues landlords face are the troubles of dealing with deadbeat renters and properties that are habitually unoccupied . In this economy, it is quitescarce for landlords and renters to get along.  There are plenty of factors which can lead to the renter failing to pay rent or moving.

    Whatever be the source of the animosity- rent collection, damage, irrational behavior, etc., the majority of the problems eventually result in a visit to the landlord tenant new york Court to evict thetenant. But eviction is not something that is always wanted both by the landlord and the lessee, so it is always best to act in a way that won’t lead to the expense of an evictions proceeding.  


  How to Do it?  If you are a landlord, you certainly wouldn’t want to evict a lessee without serious reasons. It is not easy to find a good renter, who is responsible enough to take care of your property. And, once you rent to somebody, evicting them would be an exhausting ordeal.


    So be careful from the very beginning and act prudently  when interviewing prospective tenants. When you are renting your property it means you are trying to start your own rental business by getting rent, and you should treat your rental property as seriously as a business. Often, property owners can make a living from the rent they receive from their rental property. In this situation, collecting rents each month in a timely manner becomes all the more necessary.  So make sure you approve tenants based on a business decision, and not strictly on a personal basis.


Do a background check on the tenant. Checking theveracity of the renter and the stability of their background is quite essential to weeding out poor choices.  There are many services on the internet that will allow you to inspect the credit report all prospective renters or a small fee. This is an essential tool for determining if your prospective tenant can afford to pay the rent on time.  


  In addition, it would also be wise to check whether the potential leasee has a criminal record or not. You may also contact their present and previous property owners for details. All types of background checks  can be done online and instantly.


    Maintain your footing with a problem tenant. Usually the renter rationalizes his irresponsible behavior by saying it is largely a result of a callous  landlord. So, make it quite clear to the renter in the very beginning, either by you, or through your ny tenant landlord lawyer, that you need the rent paid on a particular date each month, the terms of the rental agreement, and also the consequences that they might have to face if they pay the rent late, or if they fail to pay at all.    


If you are not able to maintain your footing from the very beginning you should know that you have unconsciously given your renter the upper hand. If once you accept excuses from him for late rent payment he will keep on doing so each month and then you will no other way to stop the practice.


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