Hospital Negligence Claims and Solicitors

The doctors and nurses and other professionals who care for us do a wonderful job, but sometimes the care we receive from them is not quite up to scratch because of pressure, limited resources or simple mistakes. When this happens it is called negligence and can lead to serious injury and financial loss for the victims: as a result many make negligence claims with the help of the relevant solicitor, such as Raleys Solicitors.  Some victims of medical negligence feel guilty about making a claim. There is no reason to: their suffering certainly warrants an apology and compensation.

Some of the problems which Raleys Solicitors cite as frequent factors in medical negligence include delayed or incorrect diagnosis, poor care and mistakes in surgery or other procedures.
Those patients who believe they have been victims of negligence resulting in an injury should first use the NHS complaints procedure. This system was not established to award compensation but it can give apologies and answers. Finding this out allows victims to make an informed decision about whether or not to make a claim.

it is important to employ the services of an experienced solicitor because this area of the law is complex. They will begin by consulting with a medical expert who is independent in order to identify whether or not you have cause for a claim.

If it is established that you do have a claim it will then be down to you and your solicitor to show that the care you received was below the standard that should be expected of a competent medical professional. It is a valid defence if the practitioner can show that other similarly qualified practitioners would have acted in the same way.

Lastly, you must demonstrate that the negligence itself directly caused the injury. That means showing that if it hadn’t been for the negligence the injury would not have happened anyway.

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