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*The answer, according to the reviews is. YES!!! But please discover that for yourself by reading further.

HEDGE FUND TRADING SECRETS REVEALED…and The Rules to Trade, Love, and Live By……Everything you need to know to know to compete with…and beat the Big Boys…by veteran trader Robert “The Hawk” Dorfman A Pristine Publishing /Front list title

*At Last…A No Holds Barred Book About Current Institutional Trading Strategies You Won’t Learn Anywhere Else… Written By An Actual Trader For The Benefit Of The Retail Investor…Namely YOU… To Help Increase Your Returns By 10, 38 or even 100% A Year Whether You Are Trading Stocks, Futures, Or FOREX”

Hello.. Thank You for your interest in my book. This is the one book that lays it all on the line to help you finally generate the profits you always wanted in order to give you and your family the financial wherewithal to live your dreams.

By simply following the easy to learn trading strategies outlined in it, you will never need to attend another bogus trading seminar, learn any programming skills, or buy expensive, useless trading software ever again. It gives you the simplest yet most effective strategies that anyone can follow, where all you need is a standard charting software program and you can start making money immediately.

As you now know, my name is Robert DorfmanI am a 20+ year trading veteran…15 years with Genie One Capital Management and now with my own offshore active trading hedge fund, Silverhawk,. I am also the creator of www.hedgefundtradealert.com as well as the Samurai Trading System, used by many top traders worldwide, named so for its deadly accuracy.

I personally have used the exact strategies outlined in this book for most of those 20+ years. You can too!

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