[Guidance Overview] CMS Updates Mandatory Insurer Reporting Requirements and User Guide

[Guidance Overview] CMS Updates Mandatory Insurer Reporting Requirements and User Guide
Excerpt: “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has revised its guidance on new data-reporting obligations for group health plans (GHPs) and their insurers and third party administrators (TPAs) that were effective January 1, 2009. . . . The rules will require insurers, third party administrators (TPAs) and a plan administrator or fiduciary of a self-insured/self-administered group health plan to collect data for certain classes of participants and beneficiaries — including Social Security Numbers (SSNs) or Medicare Health Insurance Claim Numbers (HICNs) — and electronically file the information with Medicare in accordance with detailed rules established by CMS.” (The Segal Group, Inc.)
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Medicaid expansion idea turns up heat (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
WASHINGTON — Medicaid‘s role in health care is emerging as a flash point, exposing policy and political rifts not only between the two parties but also among Democrats themselves. Congressional Democrats are pressing for a major expansion in the state-federal program for the poor and disabled.
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[Guidance Overview] New Laws And Drafting Tips for Welfare Plans In 2009
52 slides from the firm’s March 26 presentation. Excerpt: “Federal COBRA Premium Subsidy for Involuntary Terminations; Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization Act; Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Reporting Changes; Drafting Tips: Strengthen Litigation Protections; Plan Statute of Limitations and Venue; Plan Definition of ‘Spouse’.” (Sidley Austin LLP)
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Drug deal may be bad trip for Democrats – Politico.com
A Senate-side deal last month with drug manufacturers is coming back to bite House Democrats looking for savings to pay for their own health care reform bill this summer. Having struck a bargain with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D …
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Savings Needed for Health Expenses in Retirement: An Examination of Persons Ages 55 and 65 in 2009 (PDF)
Pages of 20 pages. Excerpt: “This report updates earlier EBRI research on estimated savings needed to cover health insurance to supplement Medicare and out-of-pocket expenses for health care services in retirement. It finds that men age 65 in 2009 retiring this year will need anywhere from $68,000?$173,000 in savings to cover health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses in retirement if they want a 50?50 chance of being able to have enough money, and $134,000?$378,000 if they prefer a 90 percent chance. With their greater longevity, women will need more: a women retiring at age 65 in 2009 will need anywhere from $98,000?$242,000 in savings to cover health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses inretirement for a 50?50 chance of having enough money, and $164,000?$450,000 for a 90 percent chance.” (Employee Benefit Research Institute)
Source: www.ebri.org

Lawmakers to study Medicaid fund – Argus Leader
A new committee of state lawmakers will meet Tuesday in the first of a series of meetings to discuss Medicaid-related issues. The committee, called Medicaid Reimbursement Study, is led by Rep. Tim Rave, R-Baltic, and will look at reimbursement levels …
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[Guidance Overview] Part D Plans Have Only One Month to Comply With E-Prescribing Rules
Excerpt: “With just a month to go before the April 1, 2009, compliance deadline, some Part D plans still are not ready to support some e-prescribing technologies outlined by CMS in an April 2008 final rule. And plan sponsors can expect more e-prescribing rules from CMS — possibly every 12 to 24 months, one industry insider predicts — as more providers adopt e-prescribing technology, spurred by incentives created by the 2008 Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) and funding provided by the economic stimulus law signed Feb. 17 by President Obama.” (AISHealth.com)
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