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President Barack Obama’s latest achievement in signing into law the historic health care reform bill is very significant in the country’s health care system.  The passing of the bill is very essential for many Americans who can not afford to have healthcare coverage especially in a country where being sick can lead to bankruptcy for those without coverage.  The monumental signing of the healthcare reform bill would extend health coverage to an estimated 32 million additional Americans. This will increase the percentage of Americans with health insurance up to 95% from 83% today.
After failing to pass this controversial bill on several attempts, Americans who are not covered by any health insurance programs are set to benefit from the passing of this law.  The recently signed legislation will require every American without a health insurance to get one or be punished and pay fines. In addition, the recently signed legislation will also prohibit insurance companies from denying to give coverage to people with pre-existing conditions including dropping clients who are sick or from imposing lifetime caps. This legislation which has evaded the country’s former leaders for many decades; will cover an initial 10-year phase that is expected to cost 940 billion dollars. 
This is a helpful development for most of us who do not have or cannot afford to have health insurance. On the other hand, the signing of this law forces us to get a health insurance for ourselves.  Non-compliance to this law would merit severe penalties and fines, which can further lead us to bankruptcy and financial incapacity. Furthermore, getting a health insurance program for ourselves is not an easy thing particularly to those who are unaware of it. 
In this country where getting a health insurance has become unaffordable; many people remain ignorant of the proper ways on how to get healthcare insurance for themselves. There are numerous health insurance companies with each offering certain benefits and health services coverage.  This has left Americans with no health insurance and those with no knowledge on how to get one more confused and seeking for help.  Good thing people like us who are not covered by any health insurance can find a lot of help in a health care attorney.  By availing the legal help of a health care attorney, we can also be more aware of the recently enacted healthcare reform legislation as well as it provisions and details.
Since the recently signed healthcare reform bill requires us to get insurance, hiring the services of a healthcare lawyer seems inevitable.  A health care lawyer can provide us with assistance in finding a good health insurance company and in dealing with all the legal matters involved in availing a health insurance. With the help of these attorneys, we can have proper guidance in selecting the right insurance companies that can provide us with the best healthcare coverage.
health care attorneys are experts in the health care law.  They are experts in handling cases involving the provision of healthcare services and other related healthcare benefits. They can provide us with the legal help in dealing with health insurance companies if ever we get into trouble in making our claims. 


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