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With so many consumers facing financial problems for various reasons finding the right California bankruptcy Attorney is now become more important than ever.  So in your Bankruptcy Attorney search consider a few things prior to selecting lawyer that can help you with your bankruptcy filing. Whether you have to file chapter 7 or chapter 13 you need to consider the experience, convenience and affordability of your California Bankruptcy Attorney. When you believe you have to file bankruptcy you should be able to find a local Bankruptcy Attorney on the internet or in your local Yellow Pages to set up a free consultation. Even though filing bankruptcy can be done on-line these days, most California Bankruptcy Attorneys would like to meet with you personally. In California if you have to file chapter 13 bankruptcy your bankruptcy Attorney must meet with you personally. If you need to file chapter 7 bankruptcy typically you can discuss your situation over the phone with your Bankruptcy Attorney, since filing chapter 7 is much less complicated. When it comes to affordability, most California Bankruptcy Attorneys will accept payments until you can afford to file bankruptcy, but beware of Bankruptcy Lawyers who will accept $100.00 to start.  They will take your money and do absolutely nothing but try to get you off the street. Typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy fees are paid in full prior to your attorney filing your bankruptcy. When filing chapter 13 you can pay part of your attorney fees up front and the remainder of your bankruptcy fees through the chapter 13 plan. We asked a few California Bankruptcy Lawyers from the Law Offices of Zhou & Chini about the practice of collecting $100.00 from a client, and what someone filing bankruptcy can expect from a Bankruptcy Attorney for $100.00. “Absolutely nothing but problems “says James D. Zhou, senior partner and California Bankruptcy Attorney of 11 years. When we spoke to partner Ron Chini, he stated the problem is that $100 is just a way to get a client committed to filing bankruptcy when they’re not really ready so they don’t go elsewhere. Chini goes on to say “these people need help with their financial situation, paying a bankruptcy lawyer $100.00 get’s then nothing but trouble”. Most consumers are looking for a deal when shopping for the right Bankruptcy Attorney and think they found it when they can pay $100.00 to one and hand off some paperwork. Unfortunately, not all California Bankruptcy Attorneys have the consumer’s best interest at heart. “Get em in and get em out” is the attitude most Bankruptcy Attorneys have when it comes to chapter 7 bankruptcy.  When you find a Bankruptcy Attorney you are comfortable with check out these five things.

1)      Look your Bankruptcy Attorney up on the California State Bar website for any complaints.

2)      Ask your Bankruptcy Attorney for references from clients who have filed bankruptcy with him.

3)      Make sure your Bankruptcy Attorney has experience filing chapter 7, chapter 13 and chapter 11.

4)      Ask your Bankruptcy Attorney if they will be the one actually doing the bankruptcy filing.

5)      Is your Attorney is a member of NACBA (National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys)?

Once you see that you are comfortable with your California Bankruptcy Attorney and they have the experience, reputation, and full knowledge of bankruptcy laws should you then hire them to file your bankruptcy. Let’s face it; Bankruptcy Attorneys are everywhere, so finding the right one is critical to the outcome and your future after filing bankruptcy. Additionally, filing bankruptcy is the last thing someone wants to do. Not only should your Bankruptcy Attorney be someone you feel you can trust; but someone who has the credentials, references and price point you’re looking for when filing bankruptcy. If you are shopping around for a California Bankruptcy Attorney in Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino or San Diego counties then you should consider the content of this article and stay away from $100 Bankruptcy Attorneys in California. If you want bankruptcy help or are just looking for bankruptcy information then visit

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