Female Yakuza Tale – Inquisition and Torture

Female Yakuza Tale – Inquisition And Torture is an anarchistic apex in the career of Japanese cult director, Teruo Ishii, whose fifty year resume includes Horror of Malformed Men and Blind Beast Vs. Killer Dwarf. Notoriously lacking restraint, sexy ‘pinky violence’ star, Reiko Ike, returns in this gonzo sequel to Sex & Fury following the further exploits of Ocho, a thief and gambler running afoul of evil yakuza in Meiji Era Tokyo. Aided by a lone wolf adventurer (Ryohei Uchida), Ocho investigates a ruthless gang of cutthroats who are using indentured prostitutes as drug mules to smuggle heroin from China. Director Ishii throws everything but the kitchen sink into this mind-altering sexploitation action saga, all culminating in a bloody mobster massacre replete with sultry swordswomen. Full of intoxicating mayhem and uproarious kabuki-striptease antics, Female Yakuza Tale – Inquisition & Torture is freak-out filmmaking at its finest!

Panik House is proud to present Female Yakuza Tale uncut, uncensored and totally restored from the original vault elements. Available for the first time anywhere on DVD!


– Audio Commentary with Chris D., American Cinematheque film programmer and author of the book Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film.

– Director & Star Bios for Teruo Ishii and Reiko Ike, written by Chris D.

– Original Theatrical Trailer.

– Poster and Still Galleries

– Production Notes

– Special Insert Sticker

Optional English Subtitles

Brand New 16×9 transfer with completely re-mastered video and audio

Special Packaging – stunning transparent amaray and the first 10,000 units debut in a clear O-Sleeve

If you want to know where Quentin Tarantino got some of his inspiration for Kill Bill, check out Female Yakuza Tale: Inquisition and Torture, a spicy slice of Japanese sexploitation from 1973. It’s a brazenly unrestrained sequel to Norifumi Suzuki’s similarly trashy Sex & Fury (another cult favorite among fans of Japanese pulp cinema), and director Teruo Ishii demonstrates his disdain for sequels by dishing up a lurid crime tale filled with rampant sex, female nudity, and blood-spurting ultraviolence. Set in Meiji-era Tokyo circa 1905, the outlandish story kicks into high gear when renegade thief and gambler Ocho (Reiko Ike, fully recovered from the bloodbath in Sex & Fury) is joined by a “lone wolf” drifter (Ryohei Uchida) in pursuit of a gang of murderous thugs with connections to the gruesome “crotch gouge” murders (involving deadly injuries that are best left to the imagination). By the time they close in on a disgusting kingpin who’s been enslaving prostitutes to smuggle Chinese heroin in their nether regions, Ocho has recruited a small army of sexy, sword-wielding hookers who aren’t feeling the least bit merciful. The result is an outrageous orgy of boobs, bullets, and bloodshed, carried out with abundant humor, chaotic choreography, and dazzling use of colorful low-budget settings. Befitting such a delirious dose of sexplo-trash, this high-quality, beautifully mastered DVD release caters to its intended audience with an authoritative audio commentary by Chris Desjardins (author of Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film), whose expert programming of this and other “Pinky Violence” films (at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles) resulted in a renewed appreciation for mind-blowing Asian action films that are defiantly off the beaten path. High-minded prudes and the weak-of-heart are advised to stay away! –Jeff Shannon

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