Elder Law in New Jersey: Finding Solutions for Legal Problems

In New Jersey, one in five residents is over the age of sixty-five. The Garden State’s legal and health care systems are becoming increasingly complex, making it more difficult than ever for seniors to understand their rights and take advantage of available assistance and services. Elder Law in New Jersey provides important, practical information to New Jersey residents. Many individuals will benefit from reading this book: older adults who have become entangled in a web of health care and social security bureaucracies, younger adults who are caregivers to elderly parents, and middle-class citizens who fear the debilitating physical and financial effects of chronic illness. The legal problems most often encountered by seniors can involve frustrating losses of control over nearly all aspects of their lives. Attorney Alice K. Dueker, who specializes in elder law, explains complex legal issues in easily understood language. She also provides contact information for agencies and programs that provide free or low-cost services for seniors and resources for locating attorneys. Elder law is state specific, so New Jersey residents will find this book especially helpful and applicable to their own lives. Alice K. Dueker is an attorney and the director of clinical programs at the Rutgers University School of Law-Camden, where she supervises the Civil Practice Clinic’s Elder Law Project.

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