Drink, Dine, and Diss TV Lawyers at Bar & Orders


Restraunteurs Jeanette and Gil Schulman are proud to announce the opening of Bar Orders, a restaurant and bar where lawyers, law enforcement, law students, and the legally minded can congregate to drink, dine, and engage in their favorite activity: nitpicking the criminal procedure and courtroom inaccuracies in Law Order.

Bar Orders will air episodes of Dick Wolf’s seminal legal drama back to back for all opening hours. With 456 episodes of the original series and over 500 episodes of the four LO spinoffs, the pub will not be lacking material for its patrons to excoriate the series for minor misstatements of the law and dramatic liberties taken in depicting criminal investigations and prosecutions.

“We see Bar Orders as the legal intellectual’s sports bar” co-founder Gil Schulman explains. “Sports fans’ spouses often wish they’d keep their cheering down, sending them to like-minded supporters at their local sports bar. Our restaurant is a haven for those who are tired of hearing, ‘Just shut up and let me enjoy the show!’ We encourage our patrons to call out their ‘objections’ to the content of the episodes we show.”

“We even have a ‘chung chung!’ button to celebrate particularly clever bon mots. Any party that gets three ‘chung chungs!’ in one night will get a coupon for 20% off their next food order!”

Bar Orders menu offers classic American pub fare and comfort food classic, from the deep-fried Fish and D.A. Schiffs to the slow-cooked Lennie Brisket-o platter. The menu also offers lighter fare like the Ed Green Salad and Pike Post grilled fish kebabs. The full bar features house brew Lieutenant Van Beeren (a full-bodied amber ale that commands respect despite traces of sweetness), and a wide range of specialty cocktails. “The shining star of the drinks menu is the ‘Is This Because I’m a Lesbian’ Margarita” barmaster Jeanette boasts. During the pre-credits portion of each episode where a crime scene is generally uncovered, the bar offers $2 ‘body’ shots.

The Grand Opening of Bar Orders is scheduled for Friday June 28th at 4PM. Just before the doors open, fans can enjoy a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Law Order’s opening narration voice actor, Steven Zirnkilton.

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