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If you can spare just 15 minutes a day, we can show you a simple, conservative method for online trading that is powerful enough to make you a steady income every month with limited risk. We want you to join our community of traders.

We scan every stock above $5 and all of the option prices at all strike levels to find potential trades that meet specific requirements. Those requirements include a minimum of 3% gain with at least a 15% downside protection. That means even if a stock goes against you by 15% you still make your maximum gain. Many of the potential trades have returns of 10-15% with 20-30% downside protection.

We buy 100 shares of MSFT at $29.25 per share. At the same time, we STO (Sell To Open) the next month’s expiration of the $27 strike call option for a credit of $3.50. This means our risk, or net investment, is $25.75.

As long as MSFT is above this risk amount at expiration, we make money. If the stock is above $27, then we make our full profit potential on the trade which is $1.25 per share (extrinsic value) or $125 per contract. This represents a 4.85% return on the risk.

100 MSFT @ $29.25 = $2,925 1 MSFT 27 Call @ 3.50 = -$350 $2,575 Risk $27 Strike + $3.50 Credit – $29.25 Purchase = $1.25 Profit = $125/Contract $125 Profit / $2,575 Risk = 4.85%

We look for opportunities with the shortest time potential, only those trades that will…

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