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From the desk of Bennett A. Michaels, Entrepreneur and Business Lending MasterMind Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, Have you ever heard the old saying "It takes money to make money"? Well I’m living proof that it’s not entirely true. In fact, the truth is this: "It takes OTHER PEOPLE’S money to make money." Rich people in this world know that. Which is why they don’t use their own money to expand their wealth. They use someone else’s money. It’s a powerful tool. But do you have to BE RICH in order to BORROW LIKE YOU’RE RICH? And do you need excellent credit to borrow like a rich person? No, and no. Are you surprised? Then you’ll love the rest of this detailed report. Keep reading. Before I go on I want to address a major issue we hear about almost every day, and that is poor personal credit. Let me tell you right up front why your personal credit is NOT that important. It’s because under my system, your BUSINESS gets loans. Not you. And that’s why your business credit is what matters. Not your personal credit. But more on that later. Back to the report: How many times have you had a business idea or wanted to expand an existing business and thought to yourself "If I just had the money to get it off the ground, then [fill in the blank]." Believe…

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