Comprehensive Instruction on Protecting Elderly and Loved Ones with Special Needs

Improve a loved one’s quality of life while not interfering with his or
her eligibility for various governmental programs

Special needs trusts may be effective tools for preserving
the assets of a senior or a person with a disability. Fundamentals of Special Needs Trusts is an introduction to special needs trusts and
provides the reader with an understanding of the laws, issues and practices
involving SNTs. This expert treatise provides practitioners with analysis of
the law, authoritative advice, practice notes, checklists, and forms. 

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Fundamentals of Special Needs Trusts includes chapters on:

  • Chapter 1 Overview History of Special
    Needs Trusts
  • Chapter 2 Ethics Liability
  • Chapter 3 Sources of Assets to Establish Special
    Needs Trusts
  • Chapter 4 Establishing SNTs
  • Chapter 5 Who Should Be Trustee?
  • Chapter 6 Administration
  • Chapter 7 Special Issues in Establishing and
    Administering Special Needs Trusts
  • Chapter 8 Contractual Relationships
  • Chapter 9 Sources of Income and Health Care
  • Chapter 10 [Reserved]
  • Chapter 11 Termination
  • Chapter 12 Understanding Income, Gift and Estate
    Tax Rules

Three highly regarded experts – Stuart D. Zimring, J.D., Rebecca
C. Morgan, J.D. and Bradley J. Frigon, J.D. – have collaborated to write
Fundamentals of Special Needs Trusts. Together, they offer practice-oriented
insights and specialized viewpoints on special needs trusts.

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