Claiming Compensation with a Road Accident Solicitor

If a road user such as driver, cyclist or even pedestrian is injured in a road accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, they are entitled under UK law to make a claim for compensation. A road accident solicitor can help an injured driver to claim compensation with respect to medical expenses, lost wages and damages to his or her vehicle.

A driver does not have to employ the services of a road accident solicitor and can make the claim through the third party’s insurance company, but it is strongly advised to hire a road accident solicitor.

Being a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, a road accident solicitor will have experience in this area of the law. Experience and expertise will ensure that the injured driver obtains the compensation they are entitled to.

Furthermore, the driver can rest assured that the road accident solicitor will have their best interests in mind. The same cannot be said of the insurance company representing the liable driver. Third party insurance companies very often contact the injured driver with offers of early settlement of their claim. Many injured drivers report feeling pressurised into accepting such claims and claim that insurance companies exaggerate the costs and complexity of claiming with a road accident solicitor. Unfortunately, the offers of early settlement made by the insurance companies are often a long way off what the driver is actually entitled to.

It is untrue that claiming with the help of a road accident solicitor is costly and complex. In actual fact, many work on a no win no fee basis and recover their costs from the other side, whilst removing the stress from the victim by handling their case for them.

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