Candlestick Course – Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits

Then why has your experience with candlestick charting produced mixed results at best? Because candlestick charting has to be applied with present day market analysis to produce valid signals! No, I don’t mean using a “magic” trading system or a pack of useless indicators. I mean a simple, straight forward approach that will produce valid signals.

Most candlestick courses or books on the subject of candlestick charting will teach you the signals and maybe a little about using indicators to find a stock at the bottom or top of a trend. But what they don’t tell you that those same signals can happen at any point on any chart you look at. Just as an example, lets take the bullish engulfing reversal pattern (shown at left). The bullish engulfing pattern is an extremely powerful reversal signal and most will tell you that. They show illustrated charts that will demonstrate the bullish engulfing pattern that formed prior to a nice uptrend as it was found at the bottom of the previous downtrend. Well, it’s easy to show you what’s happened in the past!

What they don’t tell you is, this same pattern can show itself anywhere on a stock chart…not just at the bottom! Check it out for yourself! Find a candlestick chart of a stock that trends up and down and see for yourself. You’ll find the bullish engulfing pattern in the middle of up trends, tops of trends, down trends and bottom of trends and only one of those will get you into a profitable trade. The same is true for all candlestick reversal patterns.

At this point you might wonder why you should trade with candlestick charts at all! I mean if there are so many invalid candlestick signals then why use them? Good question and…

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