Brothers Sentenced for Attacking and Urinating on Their Grandmother (UT. USA)

Brothers Sentenced for Attacking and Urinating on Their Grandmother (UT. USA)

Brothers sentenced for attacking and urinating on their grandmother
October 5th, 2009
Story compiled with contributions from Sandra Yi and Randall Jeppesen.
Two brothers will each spend a year in jail for assaulting their grandmother. They will also be on probation for a year.
Christopher and Michael Hansen pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges of abuse of an elder adult, lewdness and domestic criminal mischief. Their attorneys asked the judge to give them probation, so they could work and get counseling, but the victim’s sister-in-law said the men deserve to go to prison because they had mistreated their grandmother for a long time.
After the hearing, Rita Avery declined to do an interview, but in court she told the judge she loved her grandsons and forgave them for what they did.
The victim’s sister-in-law Joy Allen said, “She still says, ‘I love them and they’re my family,’ and I just keep trying to tell her, ‘Rita, you don’t want a family who treats you like that.'”

The judge ordered they have no contact with their grandmother until their probation officers allow it.



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Elderly Woman Suffocated After Fall From Bed (Wales, UK)

Elderly Llangollen woman suffocated after fall from bed
05 October 2009  
by: Claire Gallagher

A SMALL ‘frail’ woman fell between the headboard and railing of her bed and suffocated to death, an inquest heard.
Elizabeth Roberts, 89, was a resident at The Headlands nursing home on Tower Road, Llangollen when the tragedy happened on August 30 last year.
North East Wales coroner John Hughes called the accident ‘potentially a disaster waiting to happen’, because staff at the home had not understood there were health and safety regulations for the management of the bed railings, also known as cot sides.
Mr Hughes stressed the importance of bed railings complying with health and safety legislation to ensure the correct distance between the headboard and railing.
Following the incident, and a Health and Safety Executive investigation, all staff at the home were trained how to use bed railings correctly.
They also removed all the bed railings and replaced them with hospital beds which have railings attached to them.
During the inquest staff told Mr Hughes they had not been trained at the nursing home for health and safety regarding the bed rails.

SOURCE:    The Leader Live, UK

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Public Urged to Report Senior Abuse (NB. CANADA)

NBers urged to report senior abuse
October 2nd, 2009
Seniors’ advocate calls for independent agency to investigate and prosecute cases of abuse

By Alan Cochrane
Times & Transcript Staff
New Brunswick senior citizens are routinely abused and neglected by their families and spouses but most cases are never reported, but the provincial government is hoping new resources unveiled in Dieppe yesterday will help inspire more people to come forward to protect them.

“We’ve got to make sure that the public is aware that these problems do exist, but without reporting it how do we know how many cases there are? It’s a matter of picking up the phone. If you know something is going on, there are places to call,” Minister of State for Seniors Brian Kenny said yesterday at the launch of a booklet called “Preventing Abuse and Neglect of Seniors,” which was compiled by the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick.
The new booklet was compiled after several months of research with a goal of providing good information for seniors, their families, friends and others who might be aware of abusive situations. The bilingual booklet says seniors suffer from abuse in their own homes, nursing homes and special-care homes. There are many kinds of abuse that can range from sexual assault and physical violence to messing with prescriptions, financial fraud and theft of pension cheques to outright neglect.

SOURCE:    The Times Transcript


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Florida Lawmakers Vow Changes After Learning of Laxness, Loopholes in Caregivers of Children and Elderly (FL. USA)

Florida lawmakers vow changes after learning of laxness, loopholes in checking child and elder care workers
By Peter Franceschina, Sally Kestin and John Maines
South Florida Sun Sentinel
October 3, 2009

Florida legislators pledged to overhaul state law to require that caregivers for children and the elderly undergo background checks before they begin work and to close loopholes that have let thousands of felons get jobs in day care and nursing homes.

The proposed reforms come after a  Sun Sentinel investigative series last week identified disturbing flaws in the background screening system that allow people to work with Florida’s most vulnerable residents before the caregivers have been vetted.

Even people with criminal pasts can qualify for jobs as caregivers by obtaining an exemption. Thousands have sought and won official permission to work despite having records for crimes including rape, child abuse and murder, the newspaper found.

Copyright © 2009, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

SOURCE:    The Sun-Sentinel

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Carer Stole For Cruises and Cars (UK)

Carer stole for cruises and cars
2 October 2009

A family carer has been jailed for two years after admitting helping herself to a sick aunt’s savings account to pay for cars and cruises.

Christine Lodwick pleaded guilty to stealing £49,000 but had siphoned off over £200,000, a judge was told.
It funded three Mediterranean cruises and down payments of more than £23,000 on a Mercedes C180K and a Range Rover.
The 58-year-old from Cwmgwili in Carmarthenshire pleaded guilty to 10 counts of theft at Swansea Crown Court.
She had originally faced a total of 31 charges but the prosecution discontinued 21 after accepting her guilty pleas.
Her husband Thomas Lodwick, aged 63, had three allegations of money laundering against him withdrawn at the same earlier hearing.
The amount stolen totalled £49,741 over more than a year from February 2006, but the prosecution made it clear that it believed she had benefited to a much greater degree.

Kevin Riorden, prosecuting, said Lodwick had taken power of attorney for her aunt Elizabeth Davies, 83, in April 2005 when injury forced her to go into a nursing home.
A year later she also took power of attorney for her aunt’s daughter Patricia Davies, 63, who suffered from learning difficulties and could not cope alone.



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Lawmakers Want Action on Felonious Caregivers (FL. USA)

Fla. lawmakers want action on felonious caregivers
Florida legislators have pledged to overhaul state law to require background checks for caregivers after a newspaper investigation identified flaws in the screening system that allowed felons to get jobs in day cares and nursing homes.
The South Florida Sun Sentinel investigation found that thousands of people obtained exemptions that granted them permission to work as caregivers for children, the elderly and the disabled despite criminal records that included rape, child abuse and murder.
The proposed new law would require uniform nationwide background checks for all caregivers before they can begin work. It would also require caregivers be rescreened every three years, instead of every five years as under the current law.

SOURCE:    The Miami Herald


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2 Sons Arrested On Suspicion of Elder Abuse of Mother (USA)

2 sons arrested in Morgan Hill on suspicion of abuse of mom bitten by ferrets
Bay City News Service
Two Morgan Hill men have been arrested on suspicion of elder abuse for allegedly failing to care for their mother, police said today.
One of the sons brought his 70-year-old mother to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center San Jose’s emergency room at about 10:45 p.m. Tuesday, and hospital staff notified Morgan Hill police of a possible elder abuse case.
Officers went to the hospital and to a home on Burnett Avenue in Morgan Hill where the woman lives with her two sons. Officers found two ferrets, and a large amount of feces and urine inside the home, police said.
Copyright © 2009 by Bay City News, Inc. 

SOURCE:    Bay City News


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