Bring Your Dog to Work Day Isn’t For Burglars


According to KSAT.COM, Police in San Antonio caught an “alleged” burglar when he was given away by his partner in crime, his Chihuahua. According to the article, the man broke into a local restaurant, broke open a jukebox, and stole $104.00. Of course, he ended up leaving the money at the scene anyway.

Police tracked down the man and found him hiding in some bushes near a taco place where the dog may have worked as a spokes-dog. The Chihuahua was growling at the police loud enough to lead them right to the suspect. Despite this being Texas where it is okay to shoot a prostitute for stealing a couple hundred dollars, Police had mercy on this little dog. They called in the K-9 unit to lure him away from his owner instead of shooting him in the face. It was unclear whether they actually used police dogs for this purpose, although that is unlikely considering a German Shepard Dog could down a Chihuahua without chewing.

Police were able to apprehend the man without further issue. They took both him and his k-9 co-conspirator to jail. From the picture, it appeared that the dog was not in paw-cuffs… although, he does look super sad.

(image: mugshot of a mexican very bad dog via Shutterstock)

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