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It’s almost Fall. Which means it’s time for students to return to the harrowed halls of their fine legal institutions. And it’s time for blogs across the internet to talk about that annual mecca. But this is Bitter Lawyer, so of course we offer you more than the typical “work hard and you’ll be fine” advice. Today we’re rounding up our past law school coverage, including who you might sleep with, how to practice networking, and how to play bingo in class.

The Social Aspect of Law School

It’s incredibly easy to make jokes about the social atmosphere of law school. And we love doing things the easy way. That’s why we talk about the obvious things like how much everyone hates gunners and the fact that law school is creepily similar to junior high or high school.

But if all we did was make the easy jokes, this site wouldn’t be any fun. That’s why the authors at Bitter Lawyer try to dig deeper into the law school experience. In the past we’ve offered helpful advice about learning to network as a law student. The nice thing about networking is that it allows you to drink, sometimes for free, without being judged as much by your peers.

And speaking of peers, you’ve got a whole new set of them now that you’re in law school. In fact, we guarantee you will meet these ten students while in law school. They come from a pool of people that applied to law school. That pool can easily be broken down into 5 types of people.

The people in your law school may be great. Or they may be horrible. Either way, it’s likely you will sleep with some or all of them. Because let’s face it: law students date, even when it isn’t a good idea. And they certainly sleep together. According to our contributor Law Firm 10, there are at least seven guys that you’ll sleep with in law school. If the sleeping is worthwhile, you may even become one of these ten law school couples.

Those Who Came Before You

You’re still in law school. For now. Thinking of giving up? Look at where these 11 famous law school dropouts ended up. If that list isn’t enough, don’t think the folks at Bitter Lawyer would let you down. We’ve got 7 more law school dropouts for you to compare yourself to.

Law School Bingo

Looking to play a time honored traditional law school game? Don’t waste time creating your own game board. Bitter Lawyer has you covered. Just print these out and let the fun begin. Just remember, don’t actually yell bingo. It makes things much more awkward.

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